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LifeStyle Shows, part 2 of 3: How to conduct a successful LifeStyle show! (3 min|read)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

You’re reading part 2 of why LifeStyle Shows are great investments.

We’ve borrowed great tips from the author Carmine Gallo who wrote the best-selling book Talk Like TED, the 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds.

According to his book, if you want to create an inspiring and engaging presentation, you’ve got to:

  1. Evoke emotion and passion

  2. Create novelty (show something new)

  3. Make it memorable

Let’s get started.

1. Evoke emotion and passion

We recommend reading each section before watching this sample video. We will highlight specific timings to take note of.

A. Unleash the Master Within

Why it works: You stand a greater chance of persuading and inspiring your audience if you express an enthusiastic, passionate, and meaningful connection to your topic. If your goal is more altruistic, giving your audience information to help them live better lives, you’ll make a deeper connection and feel more comfortable in your presentation. You tend to do this every day anyway. Helping people gives you joy. Those who enjoy their work tend to make the best public speakers.

The audience is going to meet YOU, the wellness professional. They will watch and listen to you and imagine being your patient. Tell the audience about yourself or your profession. Let them know you and your clinic or your team.

From 00:30 seconds to 01:30 minutes, Dr. Anthony Wehbe gives a background on himself and why he became a physician. This is powerful stuff. You can easily do the same.

B. Master the Art of Storytelling

Why it works: Brain scans reveal that stories stimulate and engage the human brain, helping the speaker connect with the audience and making it much more likely that the audience will agree with the speaker’s point of view. You need data, facts, and analysis to challenge people, but you also need a narrative to get people comfortable enough to care. Storytelling is the ultimate tool of persuasion. Brands, as well as individuals, who tell emotional and genuine stories, connect with their customers/patients in far deeper and more meaningful ways than their competitors.

People are more engaged with products when they know where those products are coming from and if they get to know the real people behind those products.

You can tell your story or someone else’s story. If you’re doing a segment on weight loss, tell a story about a successful patient, and let your audience connect and relate to that patient. Your audience wants someone or something to cheer for. Give them a hero. Captivate their imagination with stories.

01:35 to 02:30 seconds, three patients appeared and told their stories. If you can invite a patient to come in on the show, then that is great.

C. Have a conversation.

Why it works: Practice your content to deliver your presentation or conduct your show as effortlessly as you are conversing with a close friend. You are an authentic person, but even authenticity in a presentation may be lacking if you don’t practice.

Before your segment, jot down some notes on what you would like to mention in your segment. Practice with your staff or in front of a mirror. It may not be a big deal later, but after watching the completed segment, you don’t want to be, “I forgot to say…I should have mentioned….”

2. Creating novelty, showing something new

A. Teach Something New!

Why it works: Reveal information, new data, or a new concept that’s completely new to your audience, packaged differently, or offers a fresh novel way to solve an old problem. The human brain loves novelty. An unfamiliar, unusual, or unexpected element in a presentation intrigues the audience, jolts them out of their preconceived notions, and quickly gives them a new way of looking at the world. What you present may not be earth-shattering or unfamiliar to your audience, but that doesn’t mean you cannot deliver it in a fresh new way.

For instance, going back to the title of this topic, new information could be about the benefits of rapid weight loss as opposed to other diets. You can let your audience know that yes! You can lose weight rapidly and safely with you. Clinical studies prove rapid weight loss programs work better than standard diets. OR simply that this SOZA weight loss kit can help patients lose weight rapidly, along with support from the clinic.

B. Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments

Why it works: Jaw-dropping moments create what neuro-scientists call an emotionally charged event, a heightened state of emotion that makes it more likely your audience will remember and act on your message. These are where props come in handy for demonstrations.

There are many ways to create a jaw-dropping moment. With our weight loss program, a before and after picture with dramatic results produces a “wow!”. Another neat jaw-dropping moment is showing the audience what 1lb of fat looks like. If you take a look at the video

01:05 minutes you can see the show’s host use the word “depressing.” If you think 1lb of fat looks depressing…take a look at 5 lbs of fat below! Now that’s shocking and will get your audience cringing.

C. Lighten Up

Why it works: Humor lowers defenses, making your audience more receptive to your message. It also makes you seem likable, and people are more willing to do business with someone they support or like.

Relax during your segment, and have fun! Add some humor. Smile. Tell the host that people would like to lose 1lb an hour if possible!

3. Make It Memorable

Why it works: Remember, the brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things. It’s nearly impossible to be bored if you’re exposed to mesmerizing images, captivating videos, intriguing props, beautiful words, and more than one voice bringing the story to life. Nobody will ask you to build multisensory experiences in your presentation, but once they experience it, they will love every minute. The brain craves multisensory experiences. Your audience might be unable to explain why they love your presentation; it will be your little secret.

During your show, it would be great to have a bi-roll showing off before and afters of patients or animation (ask the producer) to make the show more stimulating.

I hope all this helped! If you would like to check out our proposed script for a LifeStyle show


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