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Expected Health Improvements

Rapid Weight Loss

Patients experience rapid healthy weight loss. and lose anywhere from 10-30 lbs a month. 

Improved Blood Sugars

and controlled type 2 diabetes. Patients have either lowered or even gotten off medication!

General Health

Patients will experience dramatic improvement in overall health and general well-being.

Heart Health

Losing weight greatly improves heart health, vascular health and boosts heart function. 

Improved Libido

Boost your sex drive. Hormonal changes are improved and there is increased blood flow to the sex organs. ​

Brain Health

Reduces strain on the blood vessels, increases blood flow to the brain, and boosts overall brain function

 Improved Eyesight

Patients have reported improved eyesight on our program.

Boost in


We hear stories of patients able to lift their kids, going biking after 10 years and so many more stories!

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