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LifeStyle Shows, part 3 of 3: Proposed script of a rapid weight loss program (4 min|read)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

You’re reading part 3 of 3 of why LifeStyle Shows are great investments.

Let’s consider the segment to be 3 minutes:

  • 0-1 the show’s host introduces you and the topic

  • 1-2 to be about you, your business, the topic and your relation to the SOZA Weightloss® program

  • 2-3 how the SOZA Weightloss® program works, live testimonials, bi-roll, and any props you may want to use

  • 3 will conclude the show food for thought and with a special promotion for the audience

Checklist before we get started

  • Confirm the title of the show because it sets the theme for you. In our proposed script, we are going for How weight loss helps joint and back pain, and makes you healthier”

  • Conduct part of your segment standing and NOT sitting. When you are standing you are able to express yourself better and as a wellness professional it’s more important because “standing” projects authority. If however you have a testimonial with you then sitting down is fine for part of the show. Do not sit during the whole segment.

  • 5lb of Fat Replica. Use the 1lb of fat or 5lb of fat for your segment as a prop to shock the host. If the host is shocked, the audience will be too. This is where you stand up if you had been sitting during the interview.

  • Don’t think of your segment solely as a “promotion” or “commercial.” Think of it as “educational” or “informative.”

  • Bi-roll before and afters. Make sure you have your bi-roll ready and sent to the host or producer.

  • If you’ve got a real testimonial coming in, have them bring any old clothes to show the host and audience.

  • No need for unncessary bi-roll like “doctor giving a consult.” It’s pretty obvious that’s what would happen. Nothing special there.

  • Remind your host to include a disclaimer at the end of the segment for weight loss. “before starting any weight loss program, please consult your doctor.”

1. MINUTE 0-1 (introductions)

Let’s refer to the wellness professional as Dr. Hero, and the host of the show as “Jennifer,” or simply “host.”

So obviously the host will begin the show with an introduction. If you’ve got a weight loss testimonial then we recommend the host to pick up a piece of clothing like an old pair of jeans and begin the show holding the jeans up in front of the camera like this picture below:

Tony’s old pair of jeans.

Say you’re a chiropractor’s office, the host begins like this:

Host (Jennifer) looking at camera: Joint pain and back pain can really become overwhelming and you hear it all the time, “If you just lost some weight that pain would ease.” Well, today we have proof of that. Check out this old pair of jeans. We’d like you to meet Tony who lost 60 pounds in Dr. Hero’s clinic. Tony not only has less joint and back pain but he has more energy, no longer pre-diabetic and is able to pick up his grandchildren…”

Note: If your testimonial is unavailable on that day, you can simply use one of SOZA’s many testimonials

Host looking at camera continues: He did this with the help of Dr. Hero here at Hero’s Chiropractic office. Dr. Hero has been helping patients improve people’s lives in Jacksonville with a rapid weight loss program called SOZA.

Host turns to Dr. Hero: Dr. Hero, thank you for having us today. I am sure you are very proud of Tony! Can you tell us how did you help Tony lose weight?

2. MINUTE 1-2 (Bio’s, company values and philosophy, testimonial speaks)

A smiling Dr. Hero: I am very proud of Tony! You know Jennifer I became a chiropractor x years ago because I wanted to help people….because …..(give a background story) etc. I see patients every day struggle with weight loss, back and joint pain. Here at our center, we are a multidisciplinary practice… we help patients like Tony etc.

The reason why we offer the SOZA Weightloss program here is because of their holistic and natural approach to weight loss. As a chiropractic professional this is important because it aligns with our philophy and values. I / we want our patients to benefit from a wellness lifestyle and this program is great precursor to it. I / we believe that everyone wants to live better lives and a holistic approach is a great way to do it.

Host turns to Tony: Sounds great! Tony you look amazing! How did you feel before and after the program?

Note: We know time is limited, but the more your testimonial speaks the better. After the testimonial is done then host turns to you.

3. MINUTE 2-3 (how it works, teach something new, shock the audience OMG)

If you were sitting during the segment, now would be the time to stand.

Host to Dr. Hero: So Dr. Hero, Tony’s results are fantastic. How does this program work?

Dr. Hero pulls out the 1lb or 5lb of fat: This is 5lb of fat (you can expect OMG from the audience). Here you go Jennifer take a look. As you can see losing 5lb of fat is no joke.

Dr. Hero talks stats and science: Did you know that if you lost 5-10% of body fat:

  1. Fat is then drained out of the liver and pancreas and you start getting back to optimum health

  2. Reduce blood pressure and trigylcerides which in turn will significanly cut heart attack risk and stroke

  3. Sleep 20% better

  4. Lower rate the of developing cancer

  5. cuts the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

  6. Boosts sex drive

  7. and of course you get to look better!

You don’t need to memorize all these of course, but giving at least 3 of these stats is recommended. When you hand over the 5lb of fat, you can expect the host to cringe and react. This is good.

Dr. Hero continues: Our weight loss program essentially has 3 parts.

  1. With the SOZA program I / we put patients on a clean eating plan of proteins fruits and vegetables.

  2. Supplementation to assist patients with appetite support and increased energy, and

  3. Patients get periodic weigh-ins / accountability / support right here. It’s easy to start any weight loss plan as you know, but when you have guidance, support, experience, and a cheerleader then it makes a big difference. That’s what we do here because we really want to help people achieve their goals.

With this kind of support system people are losing 30, 60, and even a 100 pounds. This is normal (more SOZA bi-roll pictures can be used here).


Host to Dr. Hero and Tony: Tony congratulations again on the new you! Dr. Hero how can patients book a consultation?

Dr. Hero: Easy, they can call 673-900-9988 or visit We know weight loss can be challenging but we have the experience to help them. They are in the right hands.

Host to camera: Glad to hear it! and for our all our viewers, before conducting ANY weight loss program, please consult with your doctor first.


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