The Weight Loss Consultation, Part 3 of 7: How-to explain the SOZA Weight loss program (5 min|read)

You’re reading part 3 of 7, of The Weight Loss Consultation: How-to explain the SOZA Weight loss program

Now it’s time to talk about our specific program and how it’s different. Obviously you need to know how to explain the SOZA program.

  1. What is the SOZA Weight loss program

  2. How the supplements work

  3. The 3 “how-to” phases of the program

  4. Discussing price and signing-up the patient

1. What is the SOZA Weight loss program?

By now the patient has been exposed to influential in-house marketing, seen posters or gone over the patient success book, etc.

They have the confidence that this program has worked for others and now they want to learn how to actually do it.

To give you an idea on how I begin MY consult. I place their wellness questionnaire in front of me and begin the conversation. As I mentioned in Part 1, the wellness questionnaire provides me a snapshot of where they are TODAY in their wellness lives.

I personally am proud of our program because of the WHY , not just the HOW. Again there are many weight loss programs out there, irrespective of whether they work or not.

Our WHY resonates with people because of the altruism. We have a great philosophy. Read on.

Say I am interviewing “Janet.”

Before we start chatting, I notice the patient nudging the 1lb of fat replica with disgust. I always hear, “OMG is that what I think it is? Please tell me that is NOT what 1lb of fat looks like!!”

“Unfortunately ma’am that’s exactly what it is.”

After the disgust, or shock phase is over, I ask if Janet consumes artificial sweeteners…

“Janet, so the first thing I would like you to do today, whether you sign-up or not, is to take your sweetener and throw it in the garbage please. Go to a health foods store and get any stevia based sweetener.”

Believe it or not, some people are quite surprised or shocked !

Here is the thing, I’m passionate about wellness and living healthy, naturally etc. (whatever you want to call it) I personally loathe artifical ingredients in the foods we consume. It’s unbelievable honestly. Now you don’t have to be a wellness fanatic, but use a higher ratio of natural to artificial ingredients.

I use natural ingredients in everything, including my personal care routine, like natural toothpaste below.

You probably are getting a good picture of what I am about, and what it would be like to have a wellness conversation with me. In any case, if the patient did tell me they were using stevia based sweeteners then that’s great and we are like minded people…I go on to tell them what the SOZA Weightloss plan is, in terms of belief.

“The SOZA weight loss program, foremost is a holistic all-natural weight loss program. What I mean Janet, is that this program is about following a natural lifestyle. The supplements, and real foods you will be on, are all-natural. This isn’t like taking phentermines to artificially cut your appetite, or purchasing pre-packaged foods full of artificial ingredients.

We (wellness professionals or SOZA) believe in addressing your health from a holistic point of view. In order to be healthy, or lose weight, not only do you have to eat the right foods for weight loss, but you need to eat clean and as natural as possible. I am not asking you to buy only organic for instance, but how about whenever possible? You need to cut out artificial ingredients and processed food from your weight loss program to achieve results today and in the long term. The word SOZA means ‘whole, complete’ in ancient Greek.” Get heatlhy to lose weight.

Usually the patient is nodding along. Why? because everyone wants to be healthy! People appreciate the “why”. This “why” proves that the program has their best interest at heart.

We haven’t even gotten to the how-it-works. The all-natural living during our weight loss program is a precursor to living a long term wellness lifestyle.

2. How the supplements work

If you haven’t read this article, I suggest you go through it again for your information.

The 60 Day SOZA Weightloss® Kit explained

This is the weight loss kit. These are all non-GMO supplements and made for health care professionals.

  1. BIO-ACTIVE: This is an energy supplement, Vitamin B-12. It is methylcobalamin and NOT cyanocobalamin found over the counter. It is a great quality B12 that will give you consistent energy throughout the program. Let the tablet dissolve under the tongue.

  2. LEAN: It helps with two important things. It boosts metabolism and appetite support.

  3. SUPREME: This homeopathic remedy helps balance your hormones while on the program.

They do not interfere with any medications. You will be taking these supplements every day througout the program as per the protocol.”

3. The Phases 1,2,3 “how-to” of the program

Now we get into the nitty gritty of the program. The program has 3 phases and we go through each part, but first I give a general overview of what they can expect to eat and why they should lose weight before any exercise program. For your note, many overweight patients are also unhealthy. If they are unhealthy, exercising is not a good idea. It’s better to get healthy first.

“This is not an exercise program. Exercise is great and its important to build muscle but right now we want to focus on foods for fat loss. Exercising and building muscle requires eating more food. It’s better to lose weight first, and it’s easier on your joints. Let’s get fat off and exercise comes later.

Janet, three main meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with recommended snacks in between. Proteins, fruits, and vegetables.”

You can show the patient what kinds of food they will be eating here.

Phase 1 (start the Spray and B-12)

The first two days of the program, I want you to eat whatever you want, and a lot of it. You don’t have to eat junk food, unless if you want to get it out of your system before you start the diet. By binging you prep your body for the diet days, and for your body NOT to go into starvation mode as soon as you start. Typically, when we go on a low-calorie diet, our brain sends a signal that we are starving and your body goes into starvation mode, we hold onto the bad fat and lose structure fat and muscle mass. We want to avoid this.

Start by taking 1 B-12 tablet every day. Don’t worry all this is in the manual. The SUPREME spray, 3 times in the morning when you wake up, let it seep through under the tongue. Hold for 2-3 minutes. Same thing before you sleep (after you brush your teeth).”

Phase 2 (Continue Spray, B-12, and LEAN)

You will start to consume about 800 calories per day and you will use the spray twice per day, again 3 sprays when you wake up in the morning and 3 sprays when you go to bed. Since you would be eating nutrient dense foods, you won’t feel it to be low-calorie.

You take 1 B-12 tablet under your tongue in the morning. when you wake up and now take 1 LEAN along with your breakfast and lunch. Your typical day will consist of some fruit for breakfast. Fruits you are allowed to have is apples, oranges, grapefruits, pears and any type of a berry. Let me ask you something…grapefruits, do you love them or hate them? These are probably one of the best fruits you can eat because they have a fat releasing enzyme.

You will also have 1-3 egg whites along with cilantro, tomatoes, asparagus, etc, whatever you’d like to add to give your egg whites a bit of flavor, however this is optional. Just depends on how you feel after eating your fruits.

Then you will have a fruit snack mid-morning if you want to, then a salad with about 4 to 6 ounces of protein plus a handful of fresh vegetables during lunch.You can eat them raw, grill them or steam them. Do not microwave them anymore. The mild radiation destroys all the nutrients in them! Then you are going to have another fruit snack in the middle of the afternoon.

For dinner you can duplicate what you had for lunch. Best to have a different protein.

Later you can have some vegetables or protein bar before you go to bed.

You will continue this diet until you reach your desired weight goal, wherever it is that you want to get to. Once you reach that, you are done with the products.

We’ve got recipes that we can give you as well.

Now that you’ve explained some mechanics, re-inforce with motivation and inspiration.

“Give this program 10-12 days and you’ll see be shocked at the amount of weight you’d lose. Anyone can do anything for 10-12 days right?”

You want to hear from your patient, “that’s right,” and NOT “you’re right.” If you hear, “YOU’RE RIGHT,” then you didn’t get through to them.

“After 10-12 days, weigh yourself and see how loose your clothes are. This is fat you are losing and not muscle. Make sure you read the manual and follow the protocol exactly. Losing weight, getting healthier is a work in progess and they work at the same time. Take this seriously because this program is like getting treatment.“

Phase 3

“When you hit your goal weight, then you transition into a higher fat diet, good fats of course, and eat slow-burning carbohydrates. No white flours or anything like that. You want to take it slow. Now you can exercise more!”

If you want to watch a video of one of our health consultants discuss what foods patients eat on our program, you can watch this video below:

Health Consultant discussing healthy eating food choices

The Weight Loss Consultation, Part 4 of 7: Discussing price and signing-up the patient (1 min|read)

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