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What you need to know about insulin during weight loss consults

You need to know at least these two topics about insulin:

  1. What insulin is

  2. Lowering insulin increases fat loss

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas. It allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy. It also stores glucose for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

The cells in your body need sugar for energy. However, sugar cannot go into most of your cells directly. After you eat food and your blood sugar level rises, cells in your pancreas (known as beta cells) are signaled to release insulin into your bloodstream. Insulin then attaches to and signals cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream. Insulin is described as a “key,” it unlocks the cell to allow sugar to enter the cell and be used for energy.

Lowering insulin increases fat loss

It’s very simple.

  1. You eat ANYTHING, your body produces insulin.

  2. Consume CARBOHYDRATES, your body produces MORE insulin

  3. If you consume STARCHES / SUGARS, insulin SKY ROCKETS

The lower the insulin, the more the fat burning. That is why low-carbohydrate diets (mild ketogenic diets), and ketogenic diets work well.


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