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Successful call-to-action billboard campaign

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


That is a scientific fact. A picture will help you remember six times more information than words alone. Our brains are wired to process visual information differently than text or sound. Scientists call the effect “multimodal” learning: pictures are processed in several channels instead of one, giving the brain a far deeper and more meaningful encoding experience.

The University of Western Ontario professor Allan Paivio was the first to introduce a “dual-coding” theory. According to his theory, visual and verbal information are stored separately in our memory. They can be stored as images, words, or both. Verbal words are stored only verbally in our memory, but pictures are more richly stamped in our brains and easier to recall.

Five key points of our most successful billboards:

  1. A before and after photo

  2. Contact info

  3. Number of pounds lost

  4. Name of the testimonial

  5. The offer (If you are going to put up billboards for a specified time frame, put an offer for faster results)

Is putting an offer necessary?

Most billboard campaigns run for 3, 6, or 12 months. However, based on our statistics, the “offer” didn’t generate a significant increase in consults as opposed to the same styled creative without the “offer.”

This means that the creative is more important than the offer, whether or not you put in an offer.

What about using stock images as opposed to real testimonials?

Well, for one thing, SOZA Weightloss has tons of testimonials, so why use stock images? Unless you are a Medical Spa and want to promote a broader range of services, we can argue. However, if you want the phone to ring, and have someone come and sign-up for a weight loss program, then it’s best they can relate to a REAL person.

There is ONE instance where a stock image worked for us. That is wedding season. When it comes to being a future bride, a stock image works.

Interested in doing billboards? I can help.

Hi! I’m Gus and the Co-founder of SOZA Weightloss®. Ever since I picked up my first Men’s Fitness magazine in high school, I knew I would be in the wellness industry. Since 2011 when I co-founded my first weight loss company and lost 22 pounds in 40 days, I’ve worked hard to improve people’s lives and I try to do so every day. Sharing my weight loss business experience with amazing health care professionals makes SOZA Weightloss® an even better company.


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