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SOZA Weight loss on Good Morning Texas

Jane: David Marsden did. He lost all of this weight, he looks great, he no longer needs to take blood pressure medication. And if you would like these same results, I’m gonna introduce you to somebody else who also lost 70 pounds in 123 days. These are remarkable results. The two patients are here. It’s David and Jesse, thank you so much for being here. And also Dr. Anthony Wehbe, he’s with SOZA Clinic. Guys, thanks so much for being here today. I think it’s great when a medical professional brings on testimony. And we’re gonna get to their story in just a moment. But let’s talk about the SOZA Clinic, Dr. Wehbe, and how all of this works.

Dr. Wehbe: Well, I mean, thanks for having us. And it’s good to be back in Texas. The SOZA Clinic has a lot of roots down here in Texas. So, the way the SOZA program works is that we believe in all natural medically supervised program. And what that means is that we do not believe in prepackaged foods that are processed and have preservatives in them. So, we recommend regular foods — fish, chicken, beef — that you can find in your local grocery store. At the same time, we do not believe leave in diet pills, HCG, surgery, anything like that. We combine the foods with regular supplements. And you see tremendous results like you do here with Jesse and David.

Jane: Really tremendous results. So, let’s talk first with you, David. So, when you start the program, sounds like we’re dealing with normalcy and having a good healthy relationship with food and exercise. Was it easy for you to follow?

David: Most definitely. I mean, my wife and I were looking for something we could do together.

Jane: Right.

David: And we found the SOZA. And it’s been fabulous. I mean, it’s been really easy to work with because you’re eating regular food.

Jane: Okay, and how has it changed your life, this entire experience?

David: Well, I was on high blood pressure. I’m no longer and my blood pressure is normal.

Jane: No more medication?

David: No more medication. And I have an artificial leg. So, losing the weight just changed my life tremendously, because it’s just amazing.

Jane: Your mobility is much better now without that excess weight on you. That’s great. Okay. So, Jesse, let’s get to your story and talk about what the experience was like for you.

Jesse: It was great. Before I was you know, on high-calorie meals, I wasn’t drinking any water. I wasn’t taking the time to cook my foods. Now I am. And I’m not worried about getting diabetes, because if you’re overweight, there’s a greater chance of that. And so, I’m not worried about that anymore. So I feel awesome.

Jane: And it was great for you to follow. It was easy for you.

Jesse: It’s very easy, very comprehensive.

Jane: This is really cool. You guys both brought with you your before pants, I’m gonna ask you to stand up and I want you to walk to the front of the table. Because I think this is motivation to anybody at home, who may be interested in losing weight themselves. Maybe they thought about it for a long time, they think that maybe this is not achievable for them. But look at Jesse and David now and look at their pants. That’s really cool to look at. Guys, did you ever think that you’d be standing on television showing your before pants like this? And being kind of a testimony of good health?

Jesse: No.

Jane: How do you feel?

Jesse: I feel awesome. I feel really good.

Jane: Yeah.

David: Fantastic.

Jane: All right. Dr. Wehbe, what would you advise for somebody who’s wa-…for the Soza program?

Dr. Wehbe: Sure. Well, we have locations throughout the country. Although we have three locally here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I recommend coming in for a free 20-minute consultation.

Jane: Okay.

Dr. Wehbe: With a personal health consultant, we don’t have any sales tactics. We don’t let you sit down in any meetings like that. We just…it’s one to one. We sit down and determine what your weight loss and wellness goals are. And I know this week, they’re running a special here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, for $100 off. I’m sorry, $100 off for the clients that call in and come in this week. So, it’s a great opportunity.

Jane: Okay. Well, thanks for bringing these two clients here today…


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