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Santina’s story on the SOZA weight loss program

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

As a SOZA provider and licensee, you can add Santina’s video story to your website and social media to increase search engine optimization

I recommend adding quality testimonials to your website and circulating them through social media.

At SOZA, we will add your logo, phone number, and website to your video.

When posting a video testimonial, always post the transcript as well. By posting the transcript, you get more people to read the story and have Google’s spiders rank your website higher.

Email me a request to private label Santina’s testimonial, and I will get it to you asap.

Hey there! I’m Gus and I’m the co-founder of SOZA Weightloss®. Ever since I picked up my first Men’s Fitness magazine in high school, I knew I would be in the wellness industry. Since 2011 when I co-founded my first weight loss company, I’ve worked hard to improve people’s lives and I try to do so every day. Working with you amazing health care professionals help make SOZA Weightloss® an even better organization and I thank you for that.


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