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Lindsey’s pro-active approach to fighting pre-diabetes

Interviewer: SOZA Clinic. Last week, we shared three inspirational weight loss stories. But today, SOZA is back to show us the healthiest way to reduce the need for some medications or to come off those medications completely. I’m joined today by Dr. Joseph Gambale from the SOZA Clinic, and also Lindsey Miller, who was pre-diabetic but is not anymore. Twenty nine years old, and pre-diabetic, that had to be really scary.

Lindsey: Oh, it certainly was, yeah. And it was a wide awakening. It just happened to be, unfortunately, about the time when my grandmother passed away from the disease. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect in regards to opening my eyes to changing my life and to having to find a place like SOZA really help me, you know, create a path for a healthier year.

Interviewer: So, Dr. Gambale, there are a lot of people who are diabetic or who are on blood pressure medication, how does the SOZA Clinic’s program fit into helping those people lose weight because sometimes they really struggle?

Dr. Gambale: Well, as our clients lose weight, they’ll notice the blood sugars will start to drop. The blood pressure medications will also decrease. And we work alongside with family doctors. And, you know, they would readjust medications as needed because, with the weight loss, we see a reduction in blood sugars and blood pressure, you know, medications.

Interviewer: So Lindsey, how difficult was it to be able to do this? I mean, can you give us a framework of what your day has looked like and whether you were hungry?

Lindsey: It was actually much easier than I thought it would be. I never went hungry. It’s small meals throughout the day. And it’s delicious food. It’s eating real foods. There’s no, you know, pre-packaged meals or anything. And, you know, the great thing about the numbers for me specifically is I wasn’t on medication, but I was pre-diabetic. So for me, at 29 to have the numbers be at…my triglycerides at 241. And then, you know, having to face that fear. SOZA made it easier for me, and they created a plan that was realistic for my lifestyle too.

Interviewer: Okay. You saw the before and the after picture. But wait you hear this. How much weight did you actually lose?

Lindsey: So I’m down 52 pounds and just over 40 inches of weight loss. And what’s even better is that my numbers went from 241 for my triglycerides to actually 133. So it’s below average.

Interviewer: Isn’t that fantastic?

Lindsey: Yeah. It’s exciting.

Interviewer: Okay. And this is not an unusual situation, is it?

Dr. Gambale: Absolutely not. We see a lot of our clients lose that much weight and come off their blood pressure medications or diabetic medication or even reduce them. As a physician in the hospital, I see, unfortunately, complications of years of diabetes and hypertension. I see strokes. I’ve seen patients lose limbs from diabetic infections. Working with Soza is a nice way to, you know, prevent these complications.

Interviewer: Indeed, all right. And have a healthier life. Investment in the future, as you say.

Lindsey: Absolutely.


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