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Jim Gorman, grandfather of 11, lost over a 100 pounds

Pat: Hey, thanks very much. You know, we’re almost a month into the New Year. So how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Well, if wanted to lose a bit of weight and you wanted to get healthier, take a look at Jennifer. Jennifer lost 72 pounds and improved her blood pressure. She says, “She feels just great.” And she did it with the help of the SOZA Weight Loss program. Now, take a look at Jim. This is an amazing transformation. He also did the SOZA plan. Jim is a retired husband, father of four, grandfather of 11. And he says that he changed his life so that he could live longer for his family. And I am just delighted to have Jim with me today. Jim, that is an amazing transformation. How much weight did you lose? Jim: A little lower over a hundred pounds? Pat: And you did it in what period of time? Jim: I’d started in March and I’m still losing now. I got down to my first goal. Now I want to get down to the second goal. Pat: And your second goal is? Jim: Two hundred pounds. Pat: Yeah, little 200 or under, right? Jim: Right. Right. Pat: I mean, that’s really extra ordinary. I mean, give me a comparison, how you felt then before you lost the 100 and how you feel now. Jim: Well, I feel great now. My blood pressure’s much better. My sugar diabetes is good. I had two replacement knees and they’re a lot better, the pressure on my knees is better. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. Bobby tells me I’m still the same jerk, I always was, but… Pat: Oh, no. My goodness. I couldn’t possibly imagine that. All right. So, you know, so here we are. You also say, you know, when we got an email from Jim, he said he was 74, but actually he’s 75. That’s because you say you lost a year because you were so sick. And what happened during that year? Jim: Wow, just such a stupid joke that my kids hate. But I use it all the time. I’m 74 but I should be 75 because I was sick for a year but it’s just a joke. Pat: Yeah, okay. I mean, and were you really sick? jim: No. Pat: You really were not, okay. But, you know, you felt sick and tired though. And that’s why you went on the SOZA plan. Jim: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Pat: So how difficult was it for you? Jim: Well, it wasn’t bad at all, really. My wife adopted all the cooking for me and it’s really simple to do. The diet is… All you have to do is follow the plan. The book has all the information need on it. All you have to do is follow it and then just stick to it, you know, stick to the diet. And I was…you know, I was determined to make the…lose the weight because the way I looked before. When I was that big, when I was 331 pounds, I wouldn’t go near water because I didn’t want to get a harpoon thrown in my behind. Pat: Oh, my goodness. And so when you say that it’s fairly easy to do. I mean, is it essentially vegetables and protein? Jim: That’s correct. And the supplements that you take. You know, it’s this, you know, simple diet plan. It’s just not eat between meals, which most people who are heavy do, which I had to stop doing, but it’s a constant battle to do that, to… Pat: Right. And but yet you didn’t feel so hungry… Jim: No, I didn’t. Jim: With the supplements and the amount of food that…you weigh the food, you weigh the vegetables, you weigh the protein, and it’s, you know, it’s filling. It really is a filling meal. It’s three meals a day and two fruits a day, vegetables at every meal. That’s a very simple plan to do. Pat: And look at you, and look at how great you look. Well, it’s great to have you with us. Thanks so much, Jim. Jim: Thank you. Pat: Thanks for giving us such a great testimony. So we’re gonna take one more look at Jim with his before and after. I mean, don’t you think this is amazing? If you would like to check out the SOZA plan, we have more information at our website All you need to do is click on the Talk Philly. We’re coming right back.


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