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In-House Weight Loss Marketing Perks (Visuals)

In-house marketing works great!

  • Retractable Banner / Posters

  • Patient Success Book

1. Posters / Retractable Banners

Weight loss marketing is in the visuals. Vision trumps all the other senses.

Luckily you don’t need to have technologically advanced software to digitally photo-shop your patient’s future to inspire them. Seeing other people affects patients in the same way.

It’s easy to put up poster(s), and/or a retractable banner like the below that patients can view.

2. The Patient Success Book

Use pictures instead of text whenever possible. Your patients are far more likley to recall information when it’s delivered in combination of pictures and text rather than text alone. Take the “reader” on a journey with pictures and text captivates their imagination.

The “Patient Success Book” is akin to a hard copy of the best parts of our or your weight loss inspired website.

Staples has white standard binders that you can put the pages in.

It’s best to have two Patient Success Books in the waiting room.

This would give your upcoming consult time to go through it and / or other patients coming for other treatments. You would be surprised at times that you may have to interrupt the patient because they get absorbed in the testimonials flipping through the before and afters!

In one of our surveys, “testimonials” ranked as the most important part of our advertising campaign.

Feel free to add any specials or event announcements in your Patient Success Book (especially if you are a multidisciplinary practice)!


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