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How to run successful weight loss commercials in 2023

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This post is solely based on MY experience running successful weight loss commercials.

Over the years, I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars across different markets as the in-house media buyer for my weight loss centers and franchisees. These tips are based on experiential learning.

I’ve had awesome, mediocre, and disastrous results. Obviously, as with anything, when you first start something new, you run the risk of seriously underperforming.

In advertising, you cannot always predict outcomes; sometimes, you must experiment a little. That said, it surely helps to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

So again, after spending THOUSANDS (I’m not dramatizing! $200,000 a year TV advertising budget), I finally found a secret sauce.

An efficient method that produced the best ROI.

OK, so here is how I am going to break it down:

  1. The actual commercial and its components.

  2. Choosing the TV station.

  3. Which days to advertise.

  4. Best times to advertise.

  5. 30-second or 15-second commercials.

  6. Monitoring your results like a hawk!

  7. Running Google AdWords and TV ads.

Breaking down the commercial for rapid weight loss

This was our best ad, and it is still being used today. It has testimonials, a value offer, and a call-to-action to get immediate calls. It is fair to say that you should at least have a good ad, and it’s got to have the right components to get your phones to ring. You can also check with your TV rep to see if your ad is missing anything. Please do not forget your disclaimer!

How do you choose which TV station to advertise on?

So which TV station should you choose? Here is the first tip. They produce different results. So how do you choose? I ask the TV reps for Nielsen reports and use stats as my reference. This way, I can see which TV station and which show, most importantly, has the largest audience.

Which are the best days to advertise on?

That’s right. Only the first three days of the week. Let me tell you why.

Gus Bouari

Co-Founder at SOZA Weightloss®.

Hi! I’m Gus and the co-founder of SOZA Weightloss®. Ever since I picked up my first Men’s Fitness magazine in high school, I knew I would be in the wellness industry. Since 2011 when I co-founded my first weight loss company, I’ve worked hard to improve people’s lives and I try to do so every day. Sharing my weight loss business experience with amazing health care professionals has made SOZA Weightloss® an even better company. That is simply awesome.


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