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How does the SOZA Weight Loss program work?

The program consists of four parts:

  1. 60 Day SOZA Weightloss Kit

  2. Eating Real Foods

  3. Living a wellness life style

  4. Provider Support

1. 60 Day SOZA Weightloss kit

Unique supplementation that both complements a diet and acts as a catalyst in achieving your weight loss goal much faster. These supplements are high quality non-GMO products and backed by science to assist your weight loss goals. We always try to focus on abnormal fat. Whereas with other diets, you could be losing lean body mass and good fat reserves in addition to abnormal fat (excess & stored fat). Our specific program and supplements attempt to reverse everything! You lose the fat and excess water weight but you do not lose any muscle mass*.

2. Eating Real Foods

Just imagine, to weigh less, you need to eat more. On this program you will be eating Real Foods. No processed foods and no artificial ingredients. You must read labels. As a rule of thumb, the less ingredients the better. 80% of your battle comes from proper nutrition. This program is a detox as well so you must eat clean! We give you a step by step process to insure great results as well as an exit strategy to get you to your goal and keep you there. You will consume nutrient-dense foods while eating 4-6 small meals and snacks daily, comprised of an abundance of vegetables, lean proteins and fruit. We will help you with refrigerator and pantry stocking lists, shopping lists for your local grocery stores and more.​

3. Living a Wellness Life Style The program builds a wellness lifestyle around recommended healthy habits. Putting into practice this wider view is truly admirable. As a society we still have some ways to go, however rest assured we are now getting there faster than ever. Natural and Sustainable living is the foundation of today’s positive movement to better the way we all live, and the world we live in.​

4. Support You are not alone. Receive the guidance and support to keep you on track. Our SOZA providers have seen it all!


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