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As a holistic professional, weight loss is a service you should be offering. 

You can help people get healthier while at the same time boost your business.


We'll help you enter the weight loss industry easily  👊🏻


Offer your patients the 60-day weight loss kit

  • 60-day supply of supplements 

  • Instruction Manual

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  • Spanish Instruction Manuals available. SOZA Español!

Weight loss kits that transform lives!

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Dr. Gordon on CW Inside South Florida

"As an MD, believe me that this is awesome, it is a unique experience with us as an MD because our motto is changing the world one patient at a time. The sky’s the limit and I definitely recommend this program because I’ve seen it. In order to get well you just have to follow the program." 

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Dr. Babcock on Good Day Kansas

"It's a weight loss program to help people lose weight naturally, and also lose the right weight, which is fat weight. And then you're coming in for weekly meetings that we can help a person get through any sticking points, or making sure that they're on track, and being there for support for them as well."

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