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The Weight Loss Consultation, Part 6 of 7: Frequently asked questions (5 min|read)

You’re reading part 6 of 7, of The Weight Loss Consultation: Frequently asked questions

1. “Can I pay in installments?”

We also proudly offer a six month installment payment plan with zero interest. iI’s so simple…. pre-qualify you in minutes, so if you’re serious about weight loss you can get started today.

Why offer CareCredit to your patients

2. “What happens when I am finished with the program? Do I gain the weight back?”

The intention is to lose fat and not lean muscle mass, you will not be gaining the weight back. Instead of some diets that cause your appetite to be suppressed, our program targets fat and for that reason you will be happy to know that you should not be gaining any weight back. Studies that have run for more than a year show weight regain was no more a problem for those who lost weight rapidly than those who lost it gradually. In fact, rapid weight-loss dieters lost, and kept off, far more weight. An Australian study which put 200 obese volunteers on an 800-calorie rapid weight-loss diet for 12 weeks found that not only did they lose more weight than steady dieters, but four years later they were still leaner.

No one who goes on a diet intends to put the weight back on, but it can happen. You should weigh yourself regularly and, if you find you are regaining pounds, you should act quickly to stop it progressing. A few pounds can soon turn into a lot of pounds. The problem is usually societal pressure, so it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Your environment can have an effect on you.

While you are on this diet, you will be learning what to eat and what not to eat for weight loss. You will learn what foods work for you because you will be experimenting on the diet. Moreoever because we promote a wellness lifestyle, hopefully what you learn stays with you.

3. “Isn’t exercise the best way to lose weight?”

Weight loss cannot be done with exercise alone. Nutrition is by far the most effective method of achieving weight loss. Up to 80-90% of fat loss is achieved with what you eat. We do however want you to be active and recommend walking or low intensity exercise to keep your metabolism boosted and for maintaining muscle. Muscle is important for metabolism. Additionally when you’re heavy, exercise is bad for your joints and could result in injury. You would need to run for about 36 miles to burn off a single lb of fat. The other problem is that people often reward themselves for doing exercise by having a treat. If you run for a mile you will burn about 120 calories; but if you then decide to eat a small bar of chocolate, you will consume 240 calories.

4. “Does this program interfere with my medication?”

Our program is an all-natural solution that absolutely does not interfere with medication. Everything we do is natural that does not include diet pills or phentermine like many other weight loss programs out there. However not everyone can or should get on a weight loss program.

Who should NOT do the SOZA weight loss program?

5. “Do I get support? is there accountability?”

Of course. We advise you to come to come in for weigh-ins and follow ups. We would love to show you how many pounds you lose but more importantly the inches. Accountability is important, we are yo