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Dawn: You know me. I’m always talking about the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy. But it’s all about doing it safely, and that’s to eat healthy and clean. I’m with Health Consultant Kim Scott of SOZA Weightloss, a proud sponsor of the Dawn Show. It’s so great to have you here Kim.

Kim: Thank you.

Dawn: I really love the philosophy here. This is something that I’ve adopted as well. But the first thing that you have to talk about is BMI. What do you mean when you talk about the body mass index?

Kim: The body mass index is a person’s percentage of body fat. So when we have clients come in, what we do is we weigh them in, we measure them, we take their body mass index, and we put them on a healthy eating plan to help them lose weight.

Dawn: So that’s this little gadget right over here and it’s just something that you..?

Kim: It’s a hand-held machine and we input their weight, their height, and it determines how much body fat they have. A healthy body mass is usually around 25. So that’s our goal. It’s to get our patients around to 25.

Dawn: So it’s not about the size or the weight on the scale, it’s really a holistic view in other words.

Kim: Absolutely.

Dawn: That’s important to say.

Kim: Absolutely.

Dawn: Okay, this is depressing, because this is a pound of fat.

Kim: That is a pound of fat. That’s 3,500 calories and that is the amount of weight we are seeing lost per day.

Dawn: Which is so amazing.

Kim: For clients on our program.

Dawn: Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Kim: Yes.

Dawn: One of the things that I’m a big proponent of too, as you say, eat healthy. What is different about this chicken Kim?

Kim: This chicken is antibiotic free, it’s hormone free, it’s free range chicken. It’s a healthy alternative to other chickens that are available at your local market.

Dawn: And the eggs?

Kim: The eggs are the same. They’re free range eggs, they’re antibiotic free, they’re all natural eggs. You can get them at any local grocery store.

Dawn: And this is Stevia. This is a natural leaf as opposed to the aspartame, which is loaded with chemicals.

Kim: Right. It’s an all-natural alternative to sugar, to sweeteners. We prefer that our patients do use an all-natural alternative, because sugar will cause your body to hold onto weight, and to gain weight.

Dawn: The big thing is with dairy. I found with me I had to give up cheese, because you said that dairy, a lot of times, is preventing you from losing weight. So you go for the almond milk?

Kim: We do. We ask that our patients use the unsweetened almond milk. A lot of people are lactose intolerant and they’re not even aware of it. Not only that, dairy is something that will cause your body to hold onto weight, so eliminating that or choosing a healthy alternative like almond milk is preferred.

Dawn: Which is delicious. And buying organic.

Kim: Yes, organic is very important, especially in our fruits and vegetables.

Dawn: So when you see the first ones, they have a little green label. Look for that green label right?

Kim: Right, right. As you can see, they both look exactly the same, but the only way you can tell the difference is the little green label is organic. You can also tell in the taste. The organic apples have a much better taste. They’re pesticide free, they’re free of chemicals.

Dawn: That’s what I think too. I love it. I love it. Kim Scott of Soza, thank you so much.

Kim: Oh, thank you.

Dawn: I love your message because it’s so critical and it makes a huge difference.

Kim: Yes, thank you.

Dawn: So remember, eat healthy, be healthy, and thanks for being with us tonight here on Dawn. Thank you, Kim.

Kim: Thank you. Thank you.

Dawn: Have a good night.

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