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Dr. Jessica Smiley in Madisonville Tennessee!

Host Julie Edwards: If you are among let’s face it, the millions of Americans trying to lose weight and get in shape, but time after time after time, your best intentions seem to fall through without the results you’re hoping for, our next guest is raising her hand saying, “Come and see me.” This is Dr. Jessica Smiley: Smiley Hedrick. She’s a chiropractor in Madisonville, Tennessee. Just about half-way, I guess, between Chattanooga and Knoxville.

Dr. Jessica Smiley: Yes ma’am.

Host Julie Edwards: But you are seeing people from all over the state come your way because you’re the first one to bring something called SOZA Weight Loss our way. This is pretty revolutionary.

Host Julie Edwards: It is. We’re super excited about it for sure.

Host Julie Edwards: So, you are a chiropractor, obviously you’ve seen lots of different types of patients walk through your office doors over the years. Why this particular path to follow?

Dr. Jessica Smiley: Well, ultimately, just to kind of give you a little bit of a foundation of where I came from, Smiley Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, I am celebrating my 17th year this year and we’re so excited about that. And, through the years I’ve evolved and continued to add or take away things that I find that work best. And, where it all began is, I was 15 years old. I’m a horse girl and late in life getting a horse and you fall off a little bit in the process. And so, lots of pain, lots of trauma and terrible headaches and didn’t matter what I took, didn’t fix it.

So, my mom was like, “Why don’t you go to the chiropractor?” Which was odd because our family had never been, and it changed my life and it truly made all the difference for me. So, I really have never slown down, slowed down when it came to helping others after I had the experience for myself. So here we are, and through these past 17 years we’ve added multiple services and techniques to our office, but I’m so excited that we have found something that truly works and that is long-lasting.

Host Julie Edwards: So, let’s talk about this SOZA Weight Loss. It’s nationally acclaimed. You are sharing with me that it’s been highlighted on the “Today” show and other national programming, something like 75,000 people who’ve benefited from it. But it’s not so much a program as it is a method of how to live.

Dr. Jessica Smiley: Correct. So, the whole goal is to help you be healthy so that you can lose fat and lose weight. And so, it’s all about real life and living and the healthy lifestyle. And what I found and what’s different about SOZA in my practice previously is that I would just coach people to eating clean, exercising. But so often they didn’t budge, and they didn’t see the results. So, they got frustrated and were like, “I’m out.”

Host Julie Edwards: Right.

Dr. Jessica Smiley: And so, what is so exciting about SOZA is it utilizes healthy living, healthy lifestyle. Here are the foods you eat. Here’s the recipe book that we give you because you can eat healthily and it tastes good, which is so exciting. But we also have professional-grade products, that make the difference, so they help break this cycle that we’re in with not being able to lose weight.

Host Julie Edwards: Okay. So, let me let the mom and me come out a little bit. So, you think about how you maybe eight as a kid versus how your children now eat as kids. And I’m sure you hear lots of people come into your office saying it just seems like the quality of our food, what’s in our food is different now than it used to be.

Dr. Jessica Smiley: You’re absolutely right.